People... Messy!

But they're everywhere - clients, bosses, minions, suppliers, employees, directors, accountants, managers, the workers - all people.
And it doesn't matter how smart, stupid, pretty, irritating, arrogant, timid, bossy or nice they are, you rely on them to support your best work, so wouldn't it be great to have an instruction manual, a people remote?
This is your lucky day...
Welcome to the People Program:
It provides insights and information to give you more choice in how you interact; this enables you to operate more skillfully.
We call it conscious engagement.
According to Behavioural Economics research, money is not always the best motivator. People all seek connection, achievement, and meaning. Find out how to use these primary drives to make great work happen.
The People Program is built on huge globs of neuroscience - it is fascinating to discover how we are all hardwired to react in certain ways, press a button and Bingo!
Exactly, that's the point.
Stress, anxiety, call it what you like, it results in bad decisions, bad relationships, obesity, heart disease, car accidents and messy, poor quality work. It can, and must be managed, equip your workforce to do so.
And what does empathy have to do with it? The only effective way to persuade is to understand another's world view (empathise), and only then can you assist them to shift it. Bludgeoning, shouting, and pushing are so dark ages.
What's it got to do with business?
A US survey has found miscommunication costs businesses with up to 100 staff an average of US$420,000 per year.

A Harvard Business Review study found that the time managers and employees spend on collaborative activities has increased by more than 50% in the past 20 years.

A study of science recruiters found 60% of respondents rated the ability to work collaboratively as most important, followed by adaptability (45%) and interpersonal relationship building (41%). Most respondents felt that applicants were lacking in these skills.

Notably, this study showed that employers considered soft skills as important as academic ability. Yet both current and potential employees are often reported as being "deficient" in these same skills.
This program aimed to empower employees to improve their lives, inside and outside our organisation, through understanding how people's minds work and how they react in different circumstances; conscious engagement with people in order to get the best result.
We have had numerous compliments from our employees who went on the program, noting that it has positively affected their lives and productivity.
Duanne Render
Paragon Architects - Director
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