The future belongs to those
brave enough to do their best work
Running your own business is a tough and courageous choice, and will probably be the most rewarding thing you've ever done.
There are times however when you'll feel alone and overwhelmed, facing difficult trade-offs and unsure if your effort will produce the results you want.
That's where the Solopreneur Compass comes in - a series of workshops which address the core decisions you will grapple with on your journey to establishing a valuable enterprise.
The philosophy behind the Solopreneur Compass is simple: build your purpose on the problem you seek to solve. Simple yes, but you are the one who owns the answers; that's why the workshops are structured around a set of practical tools and group discussions, designed to accelerate your progress as you work through your ideas, your insights, your solutions.
so... how do you get your best work
in front of ideal clients?
I am an avid Seth Godin reader, and my favourite of all his blogs is this one;
it provides the perfect backbone for the Solopreneur Compass:
When you know exactly what problem you are solving and who it belongs to, you are able to articulate your offering and create powerful marketing.
Every business has a purpose, and once you know your purpose, it becomes far easier to price, market and structure your business for results.
The more you understand the decision maker, the person signing off, holding the purse strings, the better equipped you are to make the sale.
How much is enough? How will you know? Pricing can be a minefield, but it can also send a powerful signal about your product when you get it right.
Your promise is the seed of all your marketing efforts. It speaks the language of those who need what you've got, and offers a solution to their problem.
How do you stand out from the crowd and the clamour? By giving your customers a hook, a concept, a picture, by being absolutely certain about what you're not.
Imagine waking up every morning knowing exactly what you need to do to drive your business forward, and then going to sleep every night, knowing that its done.
This workshop teaches you why you need to prioritise, and how to keep focused on your priority.

You are asking your customers to trust you, to pay you, to invest their time and attention. This workshop supplies practical methods and tools to build customer relationships to the point where a sale is the next obvious step.

The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time - building something big and lasting takes resilience, focus and commitment. Managing your own stress and anxiety is the only way to keep moving. Join this workshop for tricks and tools to keep going.
what's it really like?
Melanie has developed a course that provides a real set of practical tools to provoke an insightful and value-ful way forward for the small business owner. This is such a vital course for anyone who feels lost or stuck in their life's work - unsure about how to begin to plot a new way forward, to figure out how they want to work, with whom, and to whom, at what price? It also provides a rare opportunity to meet and relate to other small business owners, who, believe it or not, are also trying to climb mountains!
Lisa Younger
Activate Space
What really resonated with me was the proposition that earning an income and achieving your life purpose can and really should be one and the same thing. The programme requires commitment to the process if one is to optimise on its benefits, and taking a critical look at your business and yourself was tough - but stimulated innovative out the box solutions and ideas. This was an investment not only in the small business I run but in myself as well.
Samantha Horowitz
Totem Media
It's hard work, questioning SELF purpose, value and strengths and also facing personal weaknesses in a gentle and caring environment and mostly connecting with others in the same space, and thus, valuable and sincere support. But, Melanie, Thank you, it was 'delicious' and amazing! You have a way to say things!
Designer Creator
The course was a simple step by step process whereby we all learned to think about our projects critically taking them from just an idea to a real brand with a clear value proposition and pricing. Along the way I learned how to develop the critical thinking and independence of my staff amongst other useful insights. The support of the group and input from Melanie were fantastic.
Bev Russell
Social Surveys Africa

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Workshops cost R550 each per delegate, and run from 10:00 to 12:00 on Tuesday mornings in Parkview.
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